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Shift Up with Bike Shop Girl

Welcome to the Shift Up podcast with Bike Shop Girl. A bicycle industry podcast focused on building a better bike industry and getting more people on bikes. Join us as we learn about brand stories, innovations, and the latest trends that are growing the bicycle industry.

Nov 12, 2018

We sit down to talk with Jannine Fitzgerald from Buddy Pegs Media about getting more kids on bikes, leaving a successful bike shop behind, creating a family-focused bike media outlet that includes books, blogs, and podcasts and their new Raise Riders tour where they are crossing the country holding events to encourage more kids and families to bike. About the podcast: Welcome to the Bike Shop Girl podcast, hosted by bicycle industry vet, bike shop owner, and entrepreneur Arleigh Greenwald. On this podcast, you'll find interviews discussing bike industry trends, new bicycle products, and inspiring stories with the goal of empowering daily life by bike. Arleigh's bike shop, Bike Shop Girl Family Cyclery is a Denver area bike shop focused on urban biking for families and transportation.

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